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This website was created on July 2004, when I was searching for Hebrew texts

about Ken Wilber's Integral theory and couldn't find any. I was still living in

Costa Rica in that time, and I could dedicate few days in order to create the

first Hebrew website about this topic. I made a basic webpage with the main

text, which is more artistic and can not be read as a serious presentation of the

theory. Two months later I moved back to Israel, and started to write about

Integral ideas on  the new age section of NRG news portal, and it was then

when people started contacting me about it.

The next step, early in December,  was starting the Israeli Integral study 

group together with Neri Baron, Michal Neufeld and couple of more dear

people.  With their help, I started to collect more materials, and I hope that

with time we  would offer a more comprehensive and attractive picture of the

theory of  everything. I wish that together we would help to push forward the

integral  agenda in the land of Israel, the Middle East, and planet Earth.







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